Totally Alive comes to your School

Totally Alive for Schools comes direct to your classroom (or playground), bringing a variety of animals  to your children making your off-the-page learning totally real for them.

No need to worry about the rising cost of travel or the hassle of planning a visit out – we bring everything to you (and take it all away afterwards!)

We support the National Curriculum work you are doing in the classroom with a variety of animals, we from traditional farm animals including goats and piglets through to birds of prey and owls.

We bring all of our own kit – from pens and fencing, through to our own branded gazebos (we can work inside or out depending on your requirements and the weather) as well as of course food and water for all of our animals. And when we have finished, we leave a clean and tidy site, just as you would expect from a professional organisation.

All of our staff are fully trained professionals, and they work with animals all of the time – allowing us to deliver a hands-on fully- supported experience that you as teachers, as well as your children, will thoroughly enjoy.

Several of our staff are also qualified teaching assessors in animal husbandry, thus bringing even more depth of knowledge to your experience.

Needless to say we are fully insured, provide you with a detailed risk assessment and travel under full license from both DEFRA and Animal Health.

We hope you enjoy exploring this website – where you will find details of the animals we can bring, the costs involved as well as information on Health and Safety as well as the requirements we will need from you in order to get the most out of our visit .

However, we want to make our visit as worthwhile to you as possible, so please call us on 01206 263088 or email us on where one of the team will be happy to work with you to deliver what you want.