Totally Alive for Schools and the National Curriculum

Whilst our visit should be fun and engaging for your children, we are fully aware that we need to support the day to day work you and your staff undertake within the classroom and to support the wider needs of the National Curriculum.

We have tried to link each of our unit’s scope back to the age and year groups we feel would benefit them most – but this is, of course, only a guideline; you are the experts and we are there to support you, so in your briefing to us, please give us as much information as you can, in order for us to match your requirements; we aim to be as flexible as possible.

For example we will try to match our visit to the following criteria within the Early Years and KS1/2 framework and Learning Goals, namely:

  • Knowledge &Understanding of the World
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
  • Physical Development,
  • Creative Development

Activities around our visit might therefore include:

  • Dissecting Owl Pellets
  • Observational Drawing – Colour, Pattern and Texture
  • Making and Designing an animal habitat
  • Observational &Language skills ie ‘simlar to’ and different from’
  • Listening skills – what sound does the animal make
  • Animal Husbandry and Welfare – what products do we use from these animals
  • Environmental issues – the wider world
  • Lifecycle and development – mothers and babies, chicken and egg

We aim to inspire the children and for them to take what we deliver off-the-page back into the classroom.