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Totally Terriers!

The Totally Terriers Event Display Team is one of the UK’s leading dog display teams for both static and arena demos – and we are made up from all terrier breeds (with some of our other dog friends too sometimes, just to add to the fun!).

We are naughty, feisty, loyal and above all fun and we bring real sparkle to any arena – from large Country and Game shows, right through to Village Fetes and School Festivities For those who have never seen it (or taken part with your own dog which we actively encourage our audience to do), Terrier Racing is a fantastic, fast and frenetic race to the finish with our numerous little furry friends, furiously competing to chase a man-made lure from one end of the arena to the other, with many a skirmish and detour on the way.

We are not simply just a Terrier Racing Team (although of course we love to take part and chase our lure) we are also a fantastic all-day static display with our playpen and kennel staff on hand throughout the time we are with you, to answer questions…and of course – play!

Our Team is made up of four quite different types from the great variety that encompasses the Terrier breed...

The Jack Russell – hardy, tough and very, very inquisitive, we are fleet of foot and ready for anything. Originally bred as ratters, we will take on most challenges, whatever the size, as in our minds we are Very Big Dogs and relish whatever is thrown at us.

The Cairn Terrier (known as the ‘Ewoks’ when we were but small puppies) – we may look a little rough and ready but boy are we ready to go! Hardy by nature, we were originally bred in the Highlands of Scotland to seek out vermin amongst the high and lonely places that our name suggests, we make ideal farm as well as home companions.

The Fox Terrier – as our name suggests we were once famed for our ability to seek out and deal with Charlie Fox – but we have always been equally appreciated as a loyal and trusty companion – who could forget our ‘brother’ – Timmy – one of the team, whatever the adventure in all The Famous Five stories.

The Patterdale Terrier – with our jolly good looks, we are boisterous and energetic and a great ‘pal’ to any companion and very vocal when we are having fun. Bred in The Lakes as working dogs, we are tough, extremely loyal and very friendly.


Description Amount
Daily Rate £495

We supply 2 staff. VAT and Mileage charges will be added to the final invoice

Deals on multiple bookings maybe negotiated.

Bespoke Packages available upon request

We hope you find all you need here on our website – however, we would love to chat to you about your specific requirement – so do please feel free to call us on 01206 263 088 or email us on

We look forward to hearing from you.

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